DVD File Format: FXBK

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Load FXs, Sounds, Exclamations files

  • VA: 0x57FF70


struct file_header
struct FXs
struct Sounds
struct Exclamations

File Header

+0x00:   VERSION    [DWORD]
  • Version must be equal to 0x03.

It's followed by a list of FXs, Sounds and Exclamations to load

struct FXs

+0x00:   NB_FXS    [WORD]
+0x02:   ID_FXS    [WORD] * NB_FXS

ID is an entry in file \Data\Sounds\desperados.fxg.

struct Sounds

+0x00:   NB_SOUNDS [DWORD]

ID is an entry in file \Data\Sounds\desperados.sbk.

struct Exclamations

+0x00:   NB_XET    [WORD]
+0x02:   ID_XET    [WORD] * NB_XET
+0xXX:   NB_XCT    [WORD]
+0xXX:   ID_XCT    [WORD] * NB_XCT
+0xXX:   NB_XPT    [WORD]
+0xXX:   ID_XPT    [WORD] * NB_XPT

"XET%02d.dat", "XPT%02d.dat", "XCT%02d.dat" stored in \Data\Sounds\Expressions